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Feike Boomstra tournament

Eleven different computer programmes against eleven human players

During the World Championship in Emmen the 20 participants have to share their place in the spotlights for one day with an unusual event. On Sunday November 15th from 10 AM will the Feike Boomstra tournament be played. It a tournament of 2 rounds where eleven different computer programmes play against eleven human players. Under which 10 computers and 10 humans will play the international game and one pair will play Frisian draughts.

Feike Boomstra (passed away in 2010) created the draughts programme Boomstradam. The star of Boomstradam rose quickly, with as high the winning of the Open Dutch Championship Computer draughts 2008, with 10 participants in total. The changes made after that, under a new name of Horizon were not succesful at first. The time to prove themselves was not granted to Feike and Horizon.

Feike’s son Roel is one of the favourites to get the title under the humans.

There will be a strong field of computer programmes. The Frenchman Fabian Letouzay is new in the world of computer draughts. Even though he won the Computer Olympiad 2015 in Leiden. But he had already gained fame by coming second on the World Championship computer chess 2005 in Reykjavik.

KingsrowThe American Ed Gilbert, creator of the infamous Kingsrow, could unfortunately not be here. Kingsrow will play under the hands of adept Hilko Koning. Ed Gilbert: “I don’t know any human would even agree to play against Kingsrow. It doesn’t get tired, it doesn’t make tactical errors, and it is infallible in endgames, which often includes positions as many as 16 pieces on the board. These attributes are true even at very fast time controls. The only thing that improves with longer time is its strategic positional play, but this improves only a little with each doubling of time. So from my point of view I do not see any problem at all with giving Kingsrow one half the time given to the human players.”

As Ed Gilbert writes the computers will have half the time that the humans get: The computers 1 hour for 75 moves, the humans 2 hours. With the calculation of the moves the amount of possibilities extends exponentially. The effect is, that it takes twice as much time to just think about one more move.

In the citation of Ed Gilbert he speaks with confidence. Or is it over competence? In any way, Kingsrow and Hilko Koning played two practice games against Aleksej Domchev (Lithuania). Kingsrow won the first, and drew the second.
We shall see the comparison of humans and computers in the Feike Boomstra tournament.

Next a list of the computer programmes left and their creators middle, and two side-operators

Scan Fabien Letouzey
Sjende Blyn Jelle Wiersma
Slagzet.com Maurits Meijer
Moby Dam Harm Jetten
TdKing Ton Tillemans
Flits Draughts Adri Vermeulen Klaas Bor on IPad Air 2
Maximus Jan-Jaap van Horssen
Dragon Michel Grimminck
JDraughts Ron van Bemmelen
Kingsrow Ed Gilbert Hilko Koning
FCerberus  (Fries dammen) Leo Nagels

The human participants of the International game are:
Hans Jansen, Auke Scholma, Aleksej Domchev, Jacob Okken, Jan Ekke de Vries, Jan Mente Drent, Wouter Wolff, Siep Buurke en Henk Kalk of Hijken DTC;
Michiel Kroesbergen en Nick Hoving of Het Noorden Groningen;
Michel Stempher of MTB Hoogeveen.
In Frisian draughts Marten Walinga will face against FCerberus.

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