Emmen, 8 – 25 November
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Hotel Ten Cate
Hotel Ten Cate

The Art of Winning

Presentation by Tjalling Goedemoed, Saturday 14 November 14.00, Hotel ten Cate, Emmen

The second, extended, corrected and adjusted version of The Art of Winning will be presented on Saturday 14 November in Emmen. The English book has no less than 416 pages and solely discusses winning positions.
The positions are generally of practical use and very educational. It is made clear to the reader that purity the magic word in wrapping up a winning position. The book has the subtitle The beauty of the game of draughts. Many compositions are included in the book, primarily forcings from game-like positions. The book has seven chapters. The positions are arranged by game type. The first chapter about Endgame is the biggest chapter and has nearly 100 pages.

From 14:00 to 15:00 Tjalling Goedemoed will demonstrate some positions from the book. A beautiful miss will be present. She will demonstrate the spectacular big capture that is the climax of the composition entitled Big Bang, to the public.
The book will cost 40 euro, but for those present at the demonstration it will be available for just 35 euro. After that the prize will be 40 euro without exceptions.

Prior to the presentation Tjalling was interviewed by Dik de Voogd and Pim Meurs with background buzz and crockery.

The completely edited and extended second version of The art of winning can be ordered by sending an email to tjalling.goedemoed@gmail.com. For mailing outside The Netherlands please transfer € 40 plus € 11 shipping to IBAN NL02 INGB 0002 9436 43.

Saturday November 21st Tjalling Goedemoed will be present at the World Championship. The book is for sale then without any costs for mailing and shipping.

Artof Winning

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