Emmen, 8 – 25 November
Jeugd WK
Hotel Ten Cate
Hotel Ten Cate


The twenty participants are nominated according to a schema and rules accepted by the FMJD General Assembly:

1 gmi Alexander GEORGIEV (Russia) World Champion
2 gmi Jean Marc NDJOFANG (Cameroon) Challenger
3 gmi Roel BOOMSTRA (Netherlands) 3rd WC13
4 gmi Alexander BALIAKIN (Netherlands) Organisation place
5 mi Wouter SIPMA (Netherlands) Sponsor place
6 gmi Freddy LOKO (Congo) Africa #1
7 gmi Ndiaga SAMB (Senegal) Africa #2
8 gmi Joel Atse NCHO (Ivory Coast) Africa #3
9 gmi Leopold KOUOGUEU KOUOMOU (Cameroon) Africa #4
10 gmi Erdenebileg DUL (Mongolia) Asia #1
11 gmi Ganjargal GANBAATAR (Mongolia) Asia #2
12 gmi Allan SILVA (Brazil) America #1
13 mi Frantz FORBIN (France) America #2
14 gmi Ainur SHAIBAKOV (Russia) Europe #1
15 gmi Arnaud CORDIER (France) Europe #2
16 gmi Alexey CHIZHOV (Russia) Europe #3
17 gmi Ron HEUSDENS (Netherlands) Europe #4
18 mi Jan GROENENDIJK (Netherlands) Europe #5
19 gmi Raimonds VIPULIS (Latvia) Europe #6
20 gmi Artem IVANOV (Ukraine) Europe #7

Reserve players

1. Before the end of September 2015 => if a qualified player informs the FMJD that he cannot participate or he did not confirm his acceptance of the conditions for the event, he is replaced by a player from the tournament from which he was qualified.
2. From October 1st 2015 => players will be taken from the reserve list defined by the Executive Board of the FMJD according to Annex XVII, article 7.
        1. GMI Aleksander Shvartsman (Russia), World Rating leader
        2. MF Artur Tunkevic (Lithuania), World Champion Juniors
        3. GMI Guntis Valneris (Latvia), #6 on the World Rating list

Gemeente Emmen
Gemeente Midden-Drenthe
Provincie Drenthe