Emmen, 8 – 25 November
Jeugd WK
Hotel Ten Cate
Hotel Ten Cate

Tournament format

The complete Rules and Regulations updated September 25th you will find here.

      1. The tournament will be played as a round-robin, so 19 rounds in total.
      2. The official rules of the FMJD will be used. Use of clocks and recording games is compulsory during the whole game. The games will be played in the official FMJD time rate of the Fischer system with 1 hour and 20 minutes for the game plus 1 minute per move. Conforming to the FMJD regulations players are not allowed to agree on a draw before they both made 40 moves. If they do so nevertheless, the referee is obliged to decide on a 0-0 result.
      3. The final classification will be based on the total points obtained.
      4. If two or more players share the same place the following factors will be used to define the places occupied:
        a. the largest number of victories
        b. the best results between the tied players
        c. the best results obtained in order of the classification
      5.If the criteria from the previous point will not decide about final order:
        a. for the places 1, 2 or 3 – a deciding tie-break will be played: One tie-break with system Lehmann-Georgiev (15 minutes and 2 seconds added per move for an unlimited number of games). If more players shared place then round robin tournament with G-L games (10 minutes and 2 seconds). The number of minutes to start with may be changed by the main referee depending on the number of players ending ex-aequo and the time available, if necessary after consultation with the Tournament Director FMJD and the organization.
        b. for the places 4- … the places will be shared (prizes will be divided)


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