Emmen, 8 – 25 November
Jeugd WK
Hotel Ten Cate
Hotel Ten Cate


The first place gives right to the title of ‘World Champion International Draughts 2015′

Rights from this World Championship for the title match 2016 and the World Championship 2017:

  1. If the titleholder keeps the title, the number two will be Challenger.
  2. If the titleholder loses the title, he will be the Challenger.
  3. The new world champion, the challenger are qualified for the World Championship 2017.
  4. The best in order of final qualification (out of champion and challenger) is also qualified for the World Championship 2017.
  5. If title match Georgiev – Ndjofang will be not played. Rights for the match belongs to best two from this championship.

The players finishing in the first three places will receive a medal and an official diploma.

The board of the FMJD will compose a jury to award three FMJD prices:

  1. the Roozenburg-cup (best game for winner and loser)
  2. the Springer-cup (best endgame)
  3. the Weiss-cup (best combination)
Gemeente Emmen
Gemeente Midden-Drenthe
Provincie Drenthe