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It can’t start soon enough!

By Bert Dollekamp

Only the world title is missing from the impressive palmares of Roel Boomstra
(9 March 1993). Aged 22, it has to happen. If he succeeds, he is a bit earlier than the most recent Dutch world champion Harm Wiersma, who was 23 years old when he left the entire collected world top behind him for the first time.

The road to the top has been one of trial and error for the physics student from Groningen, Boomstra. Not a single success was presented to him on a silver platter. Being it his youth titles, his first Dutch title in 2012, the World Cup in 2013 or the European title in 2014, each of them required several attempts. If we continue that line to the world title, Roel is now on a nice schedule. 20140411165939With his debut in Emmeloord in 2011, he finished seventh, and in 2013 in Ufa, after a breath taking finale he finished behind Alexander Georgiev and Jean-Marc Ndjofang in third place. At that time already the games of the young grandmaster were according to many experts, worthy for a world champion, but Boomstra himself stated down to earth, that he had made the most of his opportunities. It was not the first time that he showed the capability to, unlike many others, be completely objective in analysing his own accomplishments, and then to work on the deficiencies that were found in a focused and disciplined way. “In the approach of his sport, he is a lot like Epke Zonderland”, a student of Sport Sciences at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen stated surprised after a guest lecture from Roel. Part of that is also consulting experts like sports psychologist Hardy Menkehorst, coach Rob Clerc and technical advisor Ton Sijbrands.

This Roel Boomstra wrote in a crystal clear contemplation on 1 October on the website of his club Hijken DTC: “… I am now a lot further than I was in 2013. My biggest challenge becomes to use my new strengths correctly during this world championship. If I get close to my top level, I am convinced that I have a serious chance to take the world title.

Also in our opinion it can’t start soon enough!

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