Worldchampionship Draughts 2015

Emmen, 8 – 25 November


Jeugd WK


Hotel Ten Cate
Hotel Ten Cate

Georgiev almost certain of title prolongation

Report of the 17th round by Auke Scholma

With a sixth victory, Georgiev widened the lead over Groenendijk to two points and the world title can hardly elude him.

20151123142501In the game against Leopold Kouogueu, Georgiev had to be patient for a long time. After the opening he only had slight advantage. Georgiev held on to that advantage until a six vs six position and in the meantime took control of two important outposts. When Kouogueu was unable to find the best defence around the fiftieth move with little time remaining, despite the limited material, he had no chance anymore. Georgiev cut through the defence and a counter attack was too late.

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Victory for Roel Boomstra

23 Nov 18.00

Roel Boomstra wins against Forbin. Jan Groenendijk played a draw against Atse after a neckbreaking battle. Baliakin is 3 pieces ahead against Ganjargal, with a pesky breakthrough on his right wing. Kouogueu struggles against Georgiev, both are in their last minutes. It looks like there is no chance for Kouogueu. Heusdens fights to a draw against Shaibakov. Wouter Sipma has a good position against Erdenebileg, not good enough though.

Ganjargal Ganbaatar – Alexander Baljakin 0-2

Na 48. 46-41 was 38-42 49. 41-37 etc. was winning for black. Baliakin could have won faster through 48. … 14-20 49. 25×23 38-42 50. 30×19 22-28 51. 23×32 07-11 52. 16×18 42-47 53. 21×12 47×08.

Indicated by haes.

A sure winner

Pascal Stil writes:

With three rounds to go, the tournament is really going into an exciting finale.

Yesterday’s win over Samb put Georgiev a point ahead of Jan Groenendijk. Today Jan will play against Atse, and we can expect fireworks in that game. Georgiev will play this afternoon against Kouogueu, and he sure will try to get another victory from that game. Both the African players have shown great defensive skills, but against these two lions hunting for the biggest game, it remains to be seen if the Africans can hold them off long enough.

Boomstra will play against Forbin, which will give him probably the last chance to stay in touch with the battle for first place. Ivanov will fight a tense game against Cordier and Atse, if he wins against Jan, might also still be in the running for the top spot on the podium this Wednesday.

Only one winner is certain for the last three days of the championship, that is the audience, as it is guaranteed that there will be very exciting games.

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Georgiev shines, Boomstra mourns

Report of the 16th round by Auke Scholma

In a dazzling 16th round it was a day to savor the heartwarming game for the draughtslovers.

20151122150540Euphoria arose in the Dutch camp, when Roel Boomstra appeared to be heading for a beautiful victory against Joël Atse.
Boomstra who only needs to win, surrounded like Evert Bronstring in his best years. He allowed the center to the African player to then start the counter attack with sharp actions. Twice Boomstra sacrificed a piece to force a far advanced outpost in the end, after which barely anyone doubted there would be a victory. Atse certainly was lucky that he was able to defend, but also showed his strength. He squeezed out a defence that even after the first analysis cannot be refuted. Boomstra disappointedly had to accept a draw.

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